In-Flight Sorting

In-Flight Sorting

While others typically detect material over the belt and eject some time later, NRT units detect and eject material in flight, after it has left the belt. This distinction makes all the difference.


Benefits of In-Flight Sorting 

Reduces motion-related error

Eliminates signal error from belt interference

Full array of spectrometers allows for identification across entire belt width

Enables use of transmissive detection for most clear and robust signal

Transmissive Detection

Detection signals are stronger and cleaner – Best signal-to-noise ratio

Highest accuracy for transparent material – ideal for PET stream

Reads through entire bottle wall and improves accuracy by:

  • Providing a more robust polymer identification
  • Eliminating interference from labels


Reflective Detection 

Detection of opaque polymers such as HDPE and PVC

Accurately detects and ejects In Flight

Extremely low maintenance costs