MetalDirector™ Flake

The NRT MetalDirector™ Flake uses advanced electromagnetic sensing technology to remove virtually all ferrous and non-ferrous from plastic flake commodities. This cost-effective, stand-alone piece of equipment is available in 24″, 48″ and 60″ models. Processing as much as 7,500 lbs of flake per hour, customers have reported as little as 0 pieces of metal per million pieces of PET flake.

The high performance of the MetalDirector™ Flake will increase the value of your flake product and protects your downstream equipment.


  • As little as 0 ppm metal in commodity
  • Small footprint standalone machine
  • Extremely sensitive detection capabilities
  • Low product loss
  • Uptime of 99% or more


Separating ferrous and non-ferrous metal from polymers in one step:

  • PET Flake
  • HDPE Flake
  • PP Flake
  • PVC Flake

Removing metal from ASR and fluff


  • Induction metal sensing
  • Fastest valves available in the industry to minimize product loss
  • Object-tracking algorithm identifies and ejects metal as small as 1 mm
  • 24″ (3,000 lbs/hr), 48″ (6,000 lbs/hr), 60″ (7,500 lbs/hr), models

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