The NRT ColorPlus™ Imaging System is an advanced image processing sorting system designed to target and sort materials based on precision color analysis and sophisticated object recognition. Powerful high-speed processors and proprietary recognition algorithms analyze color, transparency, opacity, and object boundaries including opaque analysis and label recognition for precise object targeting.


  • In-Flight Sorting® provides industry-leading purity and hit rates
  • High-speed identification with throughput rates up to 16,000 lb/hr
  • Low maintenance requirements, self-cleaning optical path
  • Remote diagnostics, adjustments and upgrades
  • Width sizes from 24″ to 108″


The NRT ColorPlus™ is capable of:

  • Removing opaque PET, metal cans and other opaque object from PET stream
  • Sorting colored PET bottles from clear PET.
  • Sorting blue bottles from clear bottles without label error
  • Sorting labeled bottles from non-label bottles
  • Separating HDPE from natural HDPE or sort HDPE by color
  • Recognition and color sorting of opaque objects, including separation of black polymers from other colored polymers.
  • Identification and separation of circuit board materials from polymer materials such as monitor and computer housings.


  • In-Flight Sorting® enables use of transmissive detection for robust signal
  • RGB Line scan camera scans 5,000 times/second to analyze VIS color up to 2048 pixel resolution
  • Object-tracking algorithm scans boundaries to identify areas and target ejection point
  • Operator-friendly color touch screen graphic control panel

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